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Imagine sailing Nantucket Harbor and Cape Cod in style aboard a classic 70 foot sailboat? Truly a “Once in a Blue Moon” experience! Surround yourself in the breathtaking, natural beauty of Nantucket. Sit back, relax, take in Nantucket’s fresh air, pristine waters, clear views of the harbor and Brant Point Lighthouse or with a glorious open water sunset. Come aboard the “Blue Moon” enjoy sailing in style for a memorable experience.

34 Washington Street, Nantucket, MA
phone: (508) 246-5902
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Nantucket Cottage Hospital: Schedule Asymptomatic Virus Tests Soon
Tuesday August 11, 2020
NANTUCKET ? Nantucket Cottage Hospital is advising residents of the island to get their asymptomatic coronavirus tests done sooner rather than later. The hospital has been aiming to conduct asymptomatic tests over the last few months in partnership with town officials. As the state's new travel restrictions are in? .
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